24 Hours Emergency

The Emergency Department is equipped to immediately treat patients with a life threatening illness and major injury.  People with minor illnesses or chronic conditions are often better served by seeing their general practitioner; however, the Emergency Department will see anyone who presents.


OPD in all disciplines 24 Hours Doctors on duty with Consultants “on call” round the clock. Our dedicated team of Dr. Bali Medical & Dental Centre professionals is committed to give each patient the best care. The OPDs are manned by some of the best consultants, physicians & surgeons in Delhi.

Operation Theaters

Fully equipped Operation Theaters fitted with hydraulic automatic multipurpose operating tables, shadow-less lights radiotome for cauterization and coagulation facilitating bloodless surgeries, operating microscope for microsurgery, latest Boyles Machine for safe anaesthesic, C-Arm (Image Intensifier) for use in various surgical and microsurgical procedures.

Labour Room

Fully equipped labour room with arrangement for baby care. Labor room or delivery room or birthing suite is the facility in a hospital where deliveries are conducted. The delivery suite rooms provide a relaxing and personal place for you to labour and give birth. You will remain in this room until after your baby is born.

Primary Nursery

Primary Nursery well equipped with radiant warmers, incubators, infusion pumps and phototherapy units. You and your baby’s doctor will be involved in every step of the care provided to your child at the nursery. 


800 MA Siemens X-ray Unit and portable X=ray machines for bed-side imaging. The advancements in imaging Science have given valuable insight into the most elusive part of human body with ultra-modern advanced technologies.


Pathology Lab equipped with the latest gadgets and reagents for haemotology, biochemistry, bacteriology, histopathology, electrolytes, enzymes, hormonal assays being processed by qualified pathologists and Experts.

General Ward

Excellent patient accommodation in general ward, semi-paying sharing rooms, AC and air-cooled single rooms, deluxe A.C. rooms and super deluxe rooms.


Arrangement for Ambulance, round the clock. This facility is available 24 hours a day, on all days. Arrangements for the ambulance can be made by phoning the hospital or the Emergency Department directly.

Chemist Shop & Other

24 Hour Chemist Shop.  we store all the medicine in the range of research molecules, high value medicines, high risk medicine, life saving drugs, critical care drugs and oncology special drugs in schedule wise. Hospital bed size modern OTIS Lift.