A new unit of Bali Nursing Home, has been started under the
supervision of Dr. Shitij Bali, M.B.B.S., M.S. Mch.(Urology), a Senior Urologist, offering twenty four hours' patient care in the field of Urology. In this Unit is installed latest Dual Shock Electromagnetic Lithotripter which is first installation in Northern India and only second in the country.

It has dual shock-head by virtue of which it can break renal I uretric stone upto 20 mm in size without making any cut or hole in the body. The number of shocks given to disintegrate the kidney stone is drastically reduced because of the dual action.

The other procedures being done are P.C.N.L., E.S.W.L., Mini PCNL Laparoscopy, U.R.S., C.L.T. for bladder stones. For treating enlarged Prostrate T.U.R.P. and Laser treatment is being carried out. The uroflow machine of best quality has been installed to assess the severity of symptoms due to Enlarged Prostate. In order to treat strictures of urethra and ureter O.IV. and Endopyelstomy procedures are undertaken
and TVT and TOT procedures are carried out in female patients presenting with urinary incontinence. LAPAROSCOPY procedures are undertaken to treat patients with Gall Stones, Hernias, Uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts etc.

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